Three Uses For Car Magnets And How To View These Accessories In A Different Light

When you think of magnets, you probably think of the magnets you stick to your fridge. Maybe you think of the magnets you used in science class when you were in school. What you do not think of are magnets in relation to cars. Seeing car magnets for sale may bring up a lot of questions, but it might also stir your imagination. Here are some uses for car magnets that will help you see these somewhat ordinary objects in a different light.


Many sales and service people use car magnets to advertise. Why? Because the magnets stick to the metal car doors without leaving any marks that would otherwise ruin the paint job on the cars. The next time you are pulled up alongside a car or truck at a stop light and it has advertising on the side, look closer. It may just be a magnet at which you are staring.


Custom paint jobs on cars are very expensive; plus, you do not get to drive your car during the whole time that it is in the shop being painted. Instead, you could use custom car magnets to decorate your car. If you get bored with where the magnets are sitting on the vehicle, you simply move them to make your vehicle look entirely different. You definitely cannot do that with painted flames or custom polka dots.


Personalization of your car could come at a cost, especially when that personalization is in the form of bumper stickers. Stickers do not come off your bumper, your windows or the back of your car quite as easily as they adhere to it. It usually results in leaving the stickers there until they rust off or until you take a razor blade to them to scrape them off. Either way, the end result is not good.

Enter the car magnet bumper sticker. There are dozens of companies that have come out with bumper magnets so that you can personalize your car and be as funny, satirical, political and witty as you want without damaging the surfaces of your vehicle. If you get bored with these bumper magnets, simply pull them off and store them. If you want to have a lot of fun, buy a bunch of different bumper magnets and swap them out any time you get tired of looking at the back of your car and what it says.