4 Tips to Help Save on Equipment When Starting a New Suspension, Brake & Tire Shop Service

Starting your own shop can be a prosperous business, but it also requires a large investment in commercial space and equipment. Once you find the perfect location for your shop, you will want to start installing the equipment and cut costs wherever possible. The following tips will help you save on the equipment and tools you need to get your brake and tire service started:

1. Make Employees Be Responsible for Their Own Tools and Toolboxes

In many types of shops where mechanics and technical engineers work, it is normal for employees to have their own toolboxes and tools. This is also a policy that you will want to establish for your brake and alignment shop. When you interview employees for a position, ask them whether they have their own tools, and inform them that they will be responsible for supplying their own tools at work.

2. Avoid Going Overboard with Equipment & Invest in What You Need to Get the Job Done

It is easy to buy every piece of equipment and sizes, which sometimes may be a lot more than what you really need in your shop. For example, compressors come in all sorts of sizes, and you may want to invest in a smaller compressor and air storage tanks to help cut costs. Try not to buy big machines that you really have no use for and stick to simple and basic solutions for the needs of your shop.

3. Consider Used Alignment Machines & Equipment to Save & Get What You Need

There are many different machines that you need in a brake and suspension shop, such as an alignment machine. These machines are expensive and can be a major cost for you when you are just getting started. Consider investing in used alignment machines and other equipment to help reduce the costs associated with opening your shop.

4. Upgraded Older Machinery and Do Repairs to Save On Replacement Costs

Older machinery can become worn and outdated, but this does not always mean it needs to be replaced with new equipment. It is often worth investing in refurbished and updated equipment like alignment machines and lifts. Rather than replacing equipment, repair it and updated it to reduce the cost of opening and maintaining your shop.

These tips will help you save when investing in equipment and tools for your new shop. If you are ready to start your new shop, contact a wheel alignment equipment dealer and talk to them about getting used alignment machines and other equipment to reduce the costs of starting your business.