Protecting The Paint On Critical Areas Of Your Vehicle

Protecting the paint on your vehicle can significantly change the value when it is time to sell or trade the vehicle. Installing a transparent paint protection film over areas of the car that are likely to see rock chips or other damage can make a massive difference in the paint condition over time and is easy to do.

Areas Of Concern

Most cars and trucks receive the most paint damage on the front of the vehicle and along the car's sides. Any material kicked up from a car in front of you can hit your vehicle's nose, causing paint chips, dents, and scratches paint. There is not much you can do to stop the material from getting kicked off tires in front of you, but there is a way to protect the paint in that area. 

The same is true of the sides of the vehicle running along the bottom third or so of the vehicle. There are some accessories you can add, but what you use and how it is installed can impact the value of the car. Using a paint protection film allows you to protect the paint without anyone noticing the protection and ensure the vehicle looks great. 

The paint protection film can be installed in multiple areas, allowing you to customize the protection to ensure that you cover everything necessary. Cutting the film into smaller sections is also possible to cover smaller areas. 

Clean Vinyl Films

Paint protection film comes in different widths and length rolls to make it easier to work with. If you are covering just the lower portion of the car, one long roll can be used around the vehicle easily and is often the least expensive way to buy the film.

You may want several rolls if you are going to do a lot of cutting and shaping of the film to fit contours or curves on the vehicle. If the car has a very flat front end, you may want to cover all the paint that faces forward as they could become impact areas easily. 

Professional Installation

If you are not comfortable installing paint protection film on your car, you can have it installed at a body shop in your area—such as Highline Customs. The body shop will clean the entire area before applying the film, and they can make sure to cover all the spots you are concerned about. Many installers will also point out areas that you may want to cover that you may have missed so that you can add protection there. 

Once the paint protection film is installed, you may have to look at the car very closely to see it. If the film is thin and smooth, it will look like the rest of the vehicle to most people.