How To Assemble A Chain Tie-Down Anchoring System For Your Pickup Truck Bed

Pickup truck beds are great for hauling all kinds of cargo, but they often don't have a sufficient number of tie-down points for securing items. For example, many pickup trucks are equipped with four tie-down loops, with two near the cab on each side and two adjacent to the tailgate. That can leave truck owners with the need to jury-rig lashing or attempt to tie down loads with whatever might be on hand. Read More 

4 Ways To Keep Your Transmission In Good Working Order

One of the biggest problems that car owners face is ensuring that their transmission is in good working order. Ultimately, keeping your transmission in good working order is a quite easy task, but many people simply forget about maintaining their transmission. That is, until something drastic happens to it; transmissions are particularly costly to fix, so those who have gone through the process of either replacing or repairing a transmission tend to not let it happen again. Read More 

Tint Your Car Windows Like The Pros With These Helpful Tips

Having your windows tinted by a skilled professional could prove expensive, especially if you're using high-grade tint on a SUV, van or any other vehicle with lots of windows. According to Angie's List, a professional tint job could cost as much as $800. Not only can you learn a new skill by getting the job done yourself, but you'll also avoid that dreaded sticker shock. Here's what you'll need to know when it comes to do-it-yourself window tinting. Read More